N M.

Rowe, Weinstein, and Sohn has touched and changed the lives of many, my family being one. Veteran attorney and Principal, Robinson Rowe leads an exceptionally amazing team. There aren’t enough words to describe the brilliant tact Mr. Rowe executes. He has tremendously transformed our family with the splendid favors he has applied to our cases. I have come across numerous attorneys but have yet to see one as poised as Mr. Rowe. Not only is he extremely good at winning high profile cases, he is also a caring supportive friend who genuinely appreciates his clients. Mr. Rowe works wonders when faced with the toughest of challenges and is undoubtedly there for all concerns. We have recommended him to numerous close friends and family members, and he has not failed to provide over the top resolutions. He makes it his duty to assuredly inform you about your case, which is what builds the enormous trust and reliance. The entire firm creates a warm-loving atmosphere, especially with the lawful expertise of fellow colleagues Joshua Berman, Benjamin Bruins, and Domonic Cusimano who have also superbly extended legal advice to majorly assist with significant matters. There’s an unexplainable confidence that overtakes you when someone from Rowe, Weinstein, and Sohn is your form of representation. I can recall Joshua Berman taking the time out of his excessively busy schedule to sincerely listen to my issue and provide sufficient aide to guide me. Dominic came to the rescue of my father during countless unfavorable traffic cases, and Benjamin is the thorough strategically minded attorney fully equipped to tackle corporate giants and big businesses. Collectively, they exhibit an admirably, brilliant, team-building, tenaciously professional work force where clients become friends and have a place they can call home. Mr. Rowe and his entire practice is truly in the top rankings as one of the best firms our area has ever seen!