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Most people struggling with debt issues agree that creditor harassment greatly worsens the already high levels of stress that accompany high levels of debt. But how can you take steps to legally prevent creditors from contacting you? In addition, how can you take the larger step of eliminating or reducing debt, thereby permanently freeing you and your family from crippling debt payments?

At the Rockville and Greenbelt, Maryland, offices of the law firm of ROWE BARNETT PLLC, we have helped hundreds of individuals and families find effective debt-relief solutions. If creditors are harassing you, we can work to quickly stop all letters, calls and other harassment tactics.

Serious debt problems do not have to lead to years of creditor harassment. Numerous laws are in place to quickly stop all creditor contact. Contact ROWE BARNETT PLLC at our office at 1-888-340-7583 to discuss your creditor-harassment issues.

The most effective way to stop creditor harassment is through Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Why? Because these federal protections provide specific and strong protections from creditor harassment.

Creditors are barred from contacting you from the day you file for bankruptcy. Once you file for bankruptcy protection for credit card debt and other debt, credit card companies, collection agencies, car dealerships, banks and mortgage lenders break the law if they choose to contact you regarding debt collection.

Even before you file for bankruptcy, creditors will most often cease to harass you. Instead, they will contact your bankruptcy attorney. Once you retain us to handle your bankruptcy case, we can effectively deflect creditor harassment from you to us.

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Do not tolerate creditor harassment. Instead, contact ROWE BARNETT PLLC for experienced debt- and creditor-related legal help. We provide free initial consultations and provide payment plans and a military discount. We are also available for evening appointments, and speak Korean, Spanish, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi. Our main office in Rockville is five minutes from the White Flint Mall. To contact a lawyer, call our office at 1-888-340-7583.

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