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The attorneys at Rowe Weinstein & Sohn, PLLC represent clients in different areas of law including: Car Accident / Personal Injury, Corporate/Business Law, DUI/DWI, Real Estate, Divorce & Family Law, and Criminal Defense. We are selective about the cases we accept, which allows us to devote our time and attention to clients throughout the legal process. No matter what challenges you face, we offer close personal attention, responsive and effective legal representation with one goal: the best possible results.

Car Accident / Personal Injury

At Rowe Weinstein & Sohn, PLLC, our mission is to help people who have been injured by the negligent or wrongful actions of others. Our Rockville personal injury attorneys are highly experienced and well known for the type of aggressive trial work that gets results in even the most complex personal injury cases.

We handle many different types of personal injury matters:

If you or any member of your family has recently been injured in a motor vehicle accident — don’t say anything to anyone about what may have caused the accident or your injuries until after you’ve talked to an attorney.

Why? In Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, there’s a strong chance that you won’t be able to recover so much as a dime if you admit or say something that indicates you shared some of the blame for the accident.

The Rockville motor vehicle accident attorneys at Rowe Weinstein & Sohn, PLLC, we can protect your legal claims and help you obtain the compensation you deserve. We do our own thorough investigation and carefully review all of the evidence and circumstances surrounding your accident or injuries. We advocate aggressively on your behalf inside and outside of the courtroom. If you cannot come to us, we will come to you.

Don’t hesitate to call or contact us for immediate legal help after a motor vehicle accident.

Here’s a brief snapshot of our practice and of how we can help you after almost any type of motor vehicle accident:

  • Even a low-speed car accident can cause permanent injuries; our lawyers work hard to see that you receive fair compensation.
  • Defendants and their insurers will work hard to limit your recovery after a truck accident; we do everything possible to make sure they don’t succeed.
  • Motorcycle accident victims are often hurt a second time by negative stereotypes and assumptions; our attorneys make certain the truth gets told.
  • At-fault drivers and their insurance companies will try to blame an injured bicyclist or pedestrian for an accident more often than not; we fight to stop them.
  • Accidents involving buses and other types of public transportation can pose special challenges; we have the experience and resources needed to prevail.

In addition to pursuing legal claims against at-fault drivers and their insurance companies, we also resolve uninsured and underinsured motorist claims related to their motor vehicle accidents. Free Consultations — No Recovery, No Fee.

Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested for a serious criminal offense, it is critical to protect your rights and your freedoms by working with a skilled criminal defense attorney. Our premier criminal defense law firm can help. At Rowe Weinstein & Sohn, PLLC, our defense lawyers work hard to protect your rights. We investigate thoroughly and advocate aggressively on your behalf, helping you fight the criminal charges you face:

Business/Corporate Law

Rowe Weinstein & Sohn, PLLC has been designated as general counsel for many regional businesses, providing assistance with issues such as contracting, corporate formalities, technology, employees, trade names, acquisitions, directors, securities and taxes.

Successful businesses look to our firm because they require representation with the breadth of legal knowledge and litigation skill to manage all corporate legal matters.

Real Estate

In the Real Estate transactional realm, our clients benefit from an extremely knowledgeable staff with extensive experience in representing real estate purchasers, sellers, agents, brokers, and builders alike.

Some of the real estate issues our lawyers routinely handle involve:

  • Purchase agreements and sale agreements
  • Review and negotiation of offers to purchase
  • Preparation and review of loan documents
  • Title examination
  • Title transfers
  • Title search
  • Real estate settlements
  • Representation at closing
  • Lease agreements
  • Representation in disputes
  • Title claim matters

Our highly qualified and dedicated staff is committed to making each real estate transaction smooth and effortless. When issues do occur, our clients further benefit from the direct support of a litigation staff that facilitates a quick resolve the issue and a move forward with the transaction. Click here for more information.


Results achieved through experienced and aggressive DUI Defense

Rowe, Weinstein & Sohn, PLLC is a highly rated law firm with focused knowledge, training, and experience in DUI/DWI defense. Headquartered in Rockville, MD, with offices in Greenbelt, MD and Salisbury, MD, our attorneys litigate cases in Maryland (Montgomery County, Howard County, Prince George’s County, Baltimore County and Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County, and throughout the Eastern Shore), the District of Columbia, and Virginia.

When facing a DUI or DWI charge, it is important to understand that no two cases are alike. The factors involved with the “stop” (the reason a police officer targeted you as a driver), and especially your individual traits (such as age, physical injuries, medications, acid reflux, etc.), altogether play a monumental role in your successful DUI Defense. This is why your initial consultation is so important. This is where the groundwork begins for strategic planning and trial preparation.

Many former clients have commented that “you can feel the difference” from the moment you step through our front door. When you contact our offices for a free initial consultation you will meet with a litigation partner who performs a thorough and informative evaluation of the unique factors involving your case, along with a discussion on how to proceed and what to expect in the future.

Lead litigation partner, Robinson S. Rowe, is a former prosecutor with a wealth of experience in all levels of trial work at the State and Federal levels, and specifically DUI/DWI defense. He has become the attorney of choice for many celebrities and athletes in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia area. He is certified in the NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Test. As a highly regarded and rated “Top Attorney” in trial/litigation, he brings his tremendous track record of courtroom success to the trial philosophy that “results can only be achieved through experienced and aggressive DUI Defense.”

Because a drunk driving arrest can have seriously consequences on your future, including potential license suspension, revocation, fines, insurance eligibility, job termination, or even jail time, rest assured that our firm will do everything possible to protect your rights and help you avoid any negative outcomes.

At Rowe Weinstein & Sohn, PLLC we know DUI law, the court system, the police officers who enforce it, and the prosecutors who present the cases. If you have been charged with a drunk driving or alcohol related offense, contact our offices for a free consultation and put our knowledge, training, and experience to work in your defense.

For experienced legal help, contact Rowe Weinstein & Sohn, PLLC. We offer free consultations, and provide payment plans and a military discount. We are also available for evening appointments, and speak Korean, Spanish, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi. Our main office in Rockville is five minutes from the White Flint Mall/Metro. To contact us, call our office at (301)770-4710.

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