Loan Modifications

Reducing Debt and Saving Homes through Loan Modifications
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At the beginning of the mortgage crisis, lenders were infamous for their inflexibility regarding modifying loans and reducing payments, and for refusing to work with borrowers to find solutions. Now, lenders have wised up and often willingly work with troubled borrowers. Yet challenges remain. For instance:

  • Loan laws are changing constantly, making it difficult for borrowers to proceed with loan modifications, and to feel assured that their modification is binding and will bring about the savings they need.
  • Each lender operates with a different internal policy regarding loan modifications, making negotiations and modifications difficult.

While lenders often advise borrowers not to work with third party facilitators, third party facilitators can match lenders’ experience in negotiating and in legal and financial knowledge. The result? Optimum terms for borrowers and a smooth loan modification process. If you are considering attempting to modify the terms of your home mortgage, we can help.

Your lender has likely modified thousands of loans, and knows how to protect its interest at your expense. For help modifying your loan, and a smooth loan modification process, Contact a lawyer at ROWE BARNETT PLLC at our office at 1-888-340-7583.

Often, troubled borrowers approach lenders with a request to modify their loan and accept any term offered, including a refusal. We can negotiate with lenders, and build a case from a position of strength. By assembling the documents and facts of your situation with negotiation in mind, we can argue for loan terms that more accurately reflect you financial situation and the current value of your home.

Loan Modification and Bankruptcy

We can also pursue your loan modification in conjunction with bankruptcy. Why? Because your secured mortgage loan cannot be reduced or eliminated through bankruptcy.

If your mortgage has doubled or tripled, if you have lost your job or are suffering under large credit card debt, we can help by reducing or eliminating unsecured debt through bankruptcy, and reducing your mortgage payment through loan modifications and lien stripping.

Do not fall victim to the financial crisis. We are familiar with real estate law, business law and ownership law, and have helped numerous homeowners achieve a significantly reduced debt and debt payments. For more information to help you save your home, contact our firm for a free initial consultation.

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For experienced loan modification legal help, contact ROWE BARNETT PLLC. We charge competitive rates and provide payment plans and a military discount. We are also available for evening appointments, and speak Korean, Spanish, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi. Our main office in Rockville is five minutes from the White Flint Mall. To contact an attorney, call our office at 1-888-340-7583.

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