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Is a Maryland Second Degree Assault conviction a Violent or Nonviolent crime?
It is not a crime of violence, and you should calculate the date from the time your probation ended.

How do I get state to drop charges against my boyfriend?
This is something that requires sensitive handling by your attorney. The state does have a right to proceed, with you as a victim. Also, they see cases everyday where victims of abuse demand that charges be dropped – only to end up in court again (or worse) in the near future. You are not required to cooperate with the State (as far as meeting with them and discussing the case with them). While it is a bit cliche, this really is the exact type of situation where only a hired attorney can…

Do I have a case against Bank Of America for negligence?
What was your goal? (shortsell the house and reduce credit damage?). Whether its a shortsale or loan mod, has your property lost so much value that the negotiators are not releasing the sale? Or is it a second loan issue? If you provide just a little more information, I will be able to point you in the right direction. However, it does seem that you might as well stay in the house (for free) until some resolution or foreclosure has been finalized. If your credit is damaged…

I’d like to know about how long a forclosure takes if I stop making payments after bankruptcy
If you’re looking to purchase, the foreclosure will not affect you (assuming you surrendered the mortgages/house in bankruptcy chp. 7). The process will take 6m to years – depending on the lender and home sales in your neighborhood. If you’re looking to purchase a new home. Your biggest problem will be qualification for a new loan. A bankruptcy will be on your record from 7-10 years, but your credit score can be repaired if your debt/income ratios are handled correctly.

If my landlord is forclousing on the home that I am living can I get my security back in order to move else where?
If you are referencing “Security Deposit”, the answer is probably “NO”. Any agreement with your landlord is likely to include terms of default. Nonpayment (which is the basis for foreclosure), will usually forfeit any deposits.

Can an employee from a company tell someone other than you that you owe them money?
Debt collectors in this capacity cannot contact (or discuss your information) with anyone else (such as siblings, parents, coworkers etc). You may have a great lawsuit under the FDCPA and other statutes.