Unsurpassed White Collar Crime Defense Representation

If you have been arrested for a serious white collar crime in Maryland, you face potentially serious consequences. A conviction for fraud, embezzlement or tax evasion carries harsh penalties. Your freedoms, future and reputation are in jeopardy.

Reach out to attorneys who are known for unsurpassed criminal defense representation. At Rowe Weinstein & Sohn, PLLC, we strive to offer that level of service to each and every client.

Our staff of aggressive trial lawyers includes a former assistant state attorney who prosecuted numerous cases. Robinson S. Rowe Esq. is a former prosecutor who knows the state’s objectives, mindset and strategies.

White collar crime defenses have become more sophisticated as these cases have become more technical and complex. Our attorneys use high-tech investigative methods and, if necessary, work with experts to help prove your case. To effectively protect your rights, we must act swiftly. Contact us to discuss your white collar crime case: 1-888-340-7583.

Rowe Weinstein & Sohn, PLLC Helps to Protect Your Freedom and Future

Our full-service attorneys in Rockville and Greenbelt are ready to defend you if you have been arrested for:

  • Embezzlement
  • Extortion
  • RICO violations
  • Money laundering
  • Racketeering
  • Internet Crimes
  • Fraud – accounting, mortgage, contractor/construction, business, credit card, computer, health care, bank, wire and mail
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Forgery
  • Identity theft

We pride ourselves on delivering customized, individual personal service for the entirety of your case. This dedication includes realistic assessments of your chances of success, the penalties you face and our overall goals for your case.

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